Sports Academies

Burnaby hosts four sports academies for students needing to receive professional coaching alongside studying in the high school program.


The soccer academy provides high-achieving soccer players the opportunity to improve their soccer skills while studying in a high school program. Students will attend Burnaby Central and also participate in a daily soccer program. One school block out of 4 per day is dedicated to the soccer academy. This is a skills based program. Competitive soccer games are not played.

Location: Burnaby Central Secondary

Eligibility: Grades 8 – 12, high-performance soccer players, male & female. International students must have been accepted into the academic program.

Fees: CDN$1,000 per semester (5 months)


The hockey academy is a skills based program for players to improve their hockey skills. It does not include competitive games. It has a maximum of 27 students, with a minimum of 2 goaltenders and a maximum of 4 goaltenders. The hockey academy is a full year (10 month) program. Students are expected to maintain a certain academic grade level to remain in the program.

The hockey academy is licensed through Hockey Canada and follows a national instructional curriculum stipulated by Hockey Canada. All coaches are fully trained and accredited by Hockey Canada.

Location: Burnaby North Secondary & Burnaby 8 Rinks sports complex

Eligibility: Grades 8 – 12, minimum 4 years ice hockey experience, males & females

Fees: CDN$180/month

For more information please contact or


Elite swimmers train with the Simon Fraser University (SFU) swim team daily before the start of school. Students must be accepted into to both theSwimmingAcademyand Burnaby Mountain Secondary.

To be accepted in the SwimmingAcademystudents must forward their swim event(s) and times – a minimum of Triple A (AAA) times – to Liam Donnelly at


Burnaby Mountain hosts a Softball Academy for students wanting to improve their softball skills will studying in a high school program.