Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area Trails

Explore Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area

People from all over the world come to visit Burnaby Mountain to experience the breathtaking views of the Greater Vancouver Area.

Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area is a wonderful place to visit any time of the year. With a variety of natural, recreational, and cultural highlights, the mountain offers visitors a mountain environment ripe with natural beauty.

Visit in the evening to watch the sunset and enjoy views of the mountains, the inlet, and the city.

Or take a trip during the day and go on a hike, a leisurely stroll, or a bike ride on one of the many mountain trails

Burnaby Mountain Trails

Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area has a network of 26 multi-use trails which span over 28 kilometres and crisscrosses through its 576 hectares of forest.

Trails are shared by a variety of users including beginner and advanced hikers, cyclists, and one trail is provided for equestrian users.

Some of the trails feature very steep terrain making it extremely important to stay on the trail at all times.

All trails are closed between dusk to dawn hours

View a detailed Trail Map of Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area.


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Centennial Rose Garden

Burnaby Mountain’s Centennial Rose Garden features over 900 rose bushes laden with beautifully fragrant flower buds.

Easily accessible from the main parking lot on Burnaby Mountain, the Centennial Rose Garden is free and open to the public to take a leisurely wander around. You can enjoy the beauty and the fragrance of the many varieties of roses between March and November during the growing season.


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Playground of the Gods

The Playground of the Gods (Kamui Mintara) is a series of totems located on top of Burnaby Mountain near Simon Fraser University. The wooden sculptures stand high on a hill with an incredible view overlooking the city as its backdrop.

The best time to visit the Playground of the Gods is at sunset. When the sun shines dramatically through the sculptures they begin to look etched against the sky.

Created by Japanese sculptors Nuburi Toko and his son, Shusei, the work of art represents the compassion between Burnaby and its sister city, Kushiro, in Japan.

Why study in Burnaby?

With superior academic programs and modern facilities, all located within a city of vibrant green spaces, modern shopping malls, safe residential neighbourhoods, and state of the art public transit, choosing an education in Burnaby is the right choice.


Burnaby School District has one of the largest Advanced Placement (AP) programs in Canada.


Burnaby is located in the centre of Metro Vancouver. Its world-class SkyTrain public transit provides access to downtown Vancouver in just 30 minutes.


Burnaby schools feature modern facilities and state of the art technology.

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