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Burnaby Transit 101: A Guide to Getting Around

The Metro Vancouver public transit system, known as Translink, is modern, safe, efficient and affordable. There’s no reason NOT to use it! Today, more and more people are choosing to leave their cars at home and take the Skytrain and bus instead. Burnaby is perfectly located to access all that the Lower Mainland has to offer – by transit. Here’s why!

The Skytrain. Burnaby has two Skytrain lines – the only city in the Lower Mainland, outside of Vancouver proper, to be served by two lines. The Expo Line (which opened in 1985 in time for the World Fair Expo 86) connects Vancouver and Burnaby to New Westminster and Surrey. The Millennial Line, which first opened in 2002, connects Vancouver and Burnaby to Port Moody and Coquitlam, and is the envy of other Lower Mainland municipalities. There is simply no better way to get around.

Skytrain Vancouver Transit System

Go anywhere in Metro Vancouver. using the Translink Trip Planning Guide you can literally get anywhere you need to go in Metro Vancouver by public transit! Plan your trip door to door, or factor in a few stops along the way. Sometimes it’s all about the journey!

Save money with one-zone fares after rush hour. With fares to anywhere Translink serves by bus, Seabus or Skytrain falling to the one-zone fare after 6:30 pm on weekdays, and all day on Saturday and Sunday, there is no reason not to take transit! Car insurance and gas prices are through the (sun)roof, and owning and maintaining a car is not budget-friendly. Take the Skytrain and bus instead!

Skytrain Station Translink

Relax! As a student, there’s a lot of reading to do every day. Stay on top of your studies by taking transit! If you need to head downtown, the journey gives you time to catch up on your reading list.

Take your bike! That’s right: you don’t have to choose between your bike and transit – you can have the best of both worlds by taking your bike on the bus, Skytrain, Seabus and Westcoast Express. Buses are equipped with designated bike racks on the front. Take advantage of this opportunity to combine cycling and transit for convenience, fitness, and reducing your carbon footprint. Many residents cycle from their homes to SkyTrain stations. Concerned about bike theft? There are TransLink-provided bike racks and lockers at SkyTrain stations!

Vancouver Seabus Transit Translink

The Seabus. Not only is it a handy way to get over to the scenic North Shore Mountains for hiking and biking, taking the Seabus is a destination in itself. Head downtown to the Seabus Terminal on Cordova Street. Take in the ocean sights, sounds and smells, as you make the 15-minute journey to Lonsdale Quay, North Vancouver.

It’s environmentally friendly. With Metro Vancouver urban planners encouraging housing development around transit hubs, the goal is to have fewer cars on the road, and fewer emissions in the air. Convenience and eco-consciousness meet!

The TransLink regional transportation strategy envisions that 50% of all trips in the region will be made by walking, cycling and public transit by the year 2040! This means more cycling paths and safe walking routes around transit hubs – giving residents further reason to leave their cars at home. It’s time to ride transit!

Why study in Burnaby?

With superior academic programs and modern facilities, all located within a city of vibrant green spaces, modern shopping malls, safe residential neighbourhoods, and state of the art public transit, choosing an education in Burnaby is the right choice.


Burnaby School District has one of the largest Advanced Placement (AP) programs in Canada.


Burnaby is located in the centre of Metro Vancouver. Its world-class SkyTrain public transit provides access to downtown Vancouver in just 30 minutes.


Burnaby schools feature modern facilities and state of the art technology.

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