Art Projects at Home

8 Unique Art Projects You Can Do at Home

Being at home doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try something new! There are tons of fun art projects and crafts you can do while you’re indoors to expand your artistic tool kit.

We’ve collected some tutorials which will hopefully help inspire and give you new techniques to express your creativity with!

Spray Paint and Stencil a T-Shirt

Making your own graphic t-shirts doesn’t have to be a long process. Using spray paint and stencils, you can easily create a custom t-shirt at home.

Collage a Unique Pet Portrait

Collaging a portrait can be a much more forgiving experience than painting. Cutting out maps or other paper you can make some really neat art. Plus, doing a pet portrait can spare you the feelings of insulting your inspiration.

Cut and Paste a Paper Flower Wall Decoration

Create a beautiful bouquet of paper flowers to hang on your wall, or as a gift for a loved one.

Craft Some Custom Paper Notebook Covers

Make your own easy paper notebooks with fun custom covers. The perfect way to stay organized and creative at the same time.

Make a Paper Mache Bowl With Decoupage

Learn how to make a paper mache bowl and then decorate it with cool vintage images. This simple concept has plenty of room to expand on. Let your imagination run wild!

Create Plastic Bottle Planters

Upcycle your plastic bottles into self-draining planters with fun patterns. You can use these planters in the kitchen for micro-greens or herb gardens.

Tie-Dye a Picnic Blanket (or Tie Dye Everything)

You can go from mixing colours to a finished blanket in less than 30 minutes with this tie-dye technique. And if you can tie-dye a blanket — you can tie-dye it all!

DIY Embroidery on a Denim Jacket

Spruce up that old denim jacket with some custom embroidery. Don’t have a jacket? No worries! You can embroider anything; hats, shirts, pants, backpacks — the world’s your embr-oyster.

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