Sports Academies

Burnaby hosts four sports academies for students needing to receive professional coaching alongside studying in the high school program.


The ice hockey academy is a skills-based program for players to improve their ice hockey skills. It does not include competitive games. It has a maximum of 27 students, with a minimum of 2 goaltenders and a maximum of 4 goaltenders. The ice hockey academy is a full year (10-month) program. Students are expected to maintain a certain academic grade level to remain in the program.

The ice hockey academy is licensed through Hockey Canada and follows a national instructional curriculum stipulated by Hockey Canada. All coaches are fully trained and accredited by Hockey Canada.

  • Location: Burnaby North Secondary & Burnaby 8 Rinks sports complex
  • Eligibility: Grades 8 – 12, minimum four years ice hockey experience, males & females
  • Fees: CDN$180/month

For more information please contact dave.watts@burnabyschools.ca or international@burnabyschools.ca


Hosted at Cariboo Hill Secondary, only for Cariboo Hill students

In partnership with Simon Fraser University.

Two lacrosse classes every other day: 9 AM – 11:15 AM
Based on a two-week class rotation schedule:

  • Week 1: Tue / Thurs
  • Week 2: Mon / Wed / Fri

Classes will consist of on-field (new artificial turf) lacrosse technical skills development + speed, strength & power training + classroom instruction in areas such as game analysis, nutrition, sports psychology and other areas related to the science of sport and training

Compete in structured intra-squad scrimmages to gain a better understanding of different systems of play


  • Open to boys entering grades 8-12
  • Experience needed. No beginners.
  • Students responsible for own equipment and footwear (helmet, stick, protective gear)

Academy fee: $2,300
Payable directly to Cariboo Hill


The soccer academy provides high-achieving soccer players with the opportunity to improve their soccer skills while studying in a high school program. The soccer academy is held at SFU, where students will go to school at Burnaby Mountain Secondary School. This is a skills-based program. Competitive soccer games are not played.

The SFU Soccer Clinic will be offering grade 8-12 male and female participants, high-performance soccer training in a University environment while fulfilling the academic requirements of two school classes.

Young soccer players will have the opportunity to complete their academic and elective requirements at Burnaby Mountain Secondary during the regular academic day. Clinic participants will participate in two Soccer classes, every other day from approximately 8:45 – 11:10. (i.e. Tues/Thurs week one, and M/W/F week two, of a two-week class rotation).

The emphasis is to develop the ‘complete’ Student-Athlete, with a focus on both the athletic and academic development of each participant.


The SFU Soccer Clinic is a cooperative venture between the SFU Athletics Department and the Burnaby School District. The delivery of this sports program will be under the supervision of varsity assistant soccer coaches (Dan Fairhurst and Kevin Harmse) and will be geared towards the development of high-performance athletes. The clinic will occur at the Simon Fraser University Burnaby campus atop Burnaby Mountain.

Clinic Content

This a truly comprehensive soccer academy. The Soccer Clinic classes consist of on-field soccer technical skill development complemented by speed, strength and power training sessions and yoga. Classroom instruction further supplements the physical activities by studying aspects that can affect play such as game analysis, sports psychology, nutrition and other areas related to the science of sport and training as applied to soccer.


General Information
Simon Fraser Aquatics is a club team, which runs in partnership with the Burnaby School District (SD41) and Simon Fraser University (SFU). This partnership allows us to offer a unique schedule for student-athlete success in academics and sport. It also enables us to access a number of the resources at SFU, including experienced coaches.

The partnership with SD 41 has attracted a number of International Students to our program for a semester or a year. In the past, we have had student-athletes from Austria, Germany, Italy, Spain, Mexico, and Hong Kong.

The program is designed for competitive swimmers ages 13-17 who want to combine their athletic pursuit within their high school timetable and courses.  The rigour of the program is suited to swimmers with minimum performance times within 2% of Swim BC Tier II standard.


The program is led by an experienced and highly qualified professional coach who works with the athletes to pursue performance and excellence in the sport now and in the long-term. Under the long-term athlete model, current athletes are training to compete with the goal of achieving Canadian Swimming Trials and Championships standards by Grade 12.

Program Goals
The objectives of the program are:

  • In General: To provide an environment that contributes to Academic and Athletic success.
  • Swimming: Continual athletic improvement.

We are a small program with a supportive “family” environment. Participants who are fully engaged in the program are warmly welcomed.

Swimming & School Schedule
The Student-Athletes have a blended academic and swimming schedule. They will receive school credit for two courses for their training program.

Weekly Training Sessions:

  • M-F: 830-11am at SFU Pool
  • M/W: 6-8pm at SFU Pool
  • Sun: 6-9am at Ron Andrews Pool, North Van

Additionally, there are competitions on weekends approximately every 3 to 4 weeks.

School Schedule

The school schedule is Monday through Friday afternoon. Most swimmers attend Burnaby Mountain Secondary School because of its location, convenience, and the supportive environment they provide.

A sample schedule could look like:

Block Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
1 Swim Academy Swim Academy Swim Academy Swim Academy Swim Academy Off Training
2 Swim Academy Swim Academy Swim Academy Swim Academy Swim Academy or or
Lunch Swim Meet Swim Meet
3 Class A Class C Class A Class C Class A
4 Class B Class D Class B Class D Class B
PM Club Club Club

Annual Fees

Please note that the fees for the swimming program are separate from the fees from the school as each of these organizations run independently.

  • SFU: $2500
  • Chena: $2850

Additional Expenses
Additional expenses will include the cost of any travel plus the purchase of any additional training equipment or optional team gear.

Additional Information

  • Athletes will be required to attend swim meets throughout the season.  Some out of town travel permission will be required.  Fees associated with these meets are in addition to their annual fees.
  • Team Clothing: athletes will need to purchase a minimum of 1 team shirt to wear to swim meets/on deck during training.
  • Equipment: any equipment that the athlete doesn’t already have can be purchased through Chena (fins, snorkel, paddles, pull buoy)

Program Registration
If you are interested in the program please contact us for registration information. The Burnaby School District registration is separate.

View Swimming Academy PDF

Please contact Mandi Smith, Coach of the Year-Round Swim Clinic, through email at mandi_smith@sfu.ca or by phone at (403) 350-8627 with any questions or for further information.

Swimming Academy Student Testimonials

Ricardo, Italy

“The swimming program is absolutely amazing: it offers a real opportunity to improve
swimming skills and technique and the schedule is adapted to your school
It requires an excellent work ethic, but the coaches are always ready to help you and
working hard becomes a pleasure when you find awesome swim-mates to stay with.
Everyone cooperates like in a big family: I will never forget the way they welcomed me
and I will always be thankful for the wonderful time we spent together.”

Andrea, Mexico

“Training at Simon Fraser University has helped me to grow as an athlete and to
coordinate myself with school and swimming. When I first arrived I found the program
challenging, but with all the support I get from my teammates and coaches I’ve
accomplished goals that I considered impossible.
With the coordinated program, I have been able to maintain my grades while
participating in this intensive training program with my teammates.
I have not only found friends but a family that will always support me.”

Carmen, Hong Kong

“It was such a great experience studying in Canada. I have learned a lot of new things
and have met a lot of new friends.
The program allowed me to have a flexible schedule with school and swimming.
Both the staff in Burnaby Mountain Secondary and the Swim Coaches were very helpful
and supportive.”


Hosted at Cariboo Hill but students at any Burnaby school may attend

September start date. Full year students only.

2-3 sessions per week for 36 weeks (1.5 – 2 hrs. per session) before school start + 1 block, every 2nd day

Classes include:

  • video analysis via iPad (slow-motion instant replay),
  • weight training by a certified Strength & Conditioning Coach,
  • nutritional & mental preparation coaching
  • Training gear and equipment provided

Academy Minimum & Maximum Sizes

  • Minimum: 15
  • Maximum: 32


Choose from two pathways:

1. Academy Stream

Any student in grades 8-12 with a desire to incorporate a volleyball skill academy program into their academic pursuits.

Monthly Fee: $235/month payable directly to the Academy.

2. Elite Stream

Selected students in grades 9-12 with a desire to pursue a high-performance pathway while balancing their academic pursuits. This cohort has a lower coach to athlete ratio. Athletes must be assessed for the elite stream.

Monthly Fee: $280/month payable directly to the Academy.

If in doubt as to which steam, there will be try-outs at the beginning of the school year, and/or send student’s volleyball background to your Burnaby Marketing Advisor who will check with the Academy Director.

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