Burnaby Elementary Schools

Study Alongside Canadian Students

International students at the elementary level (ages 5 to 12 years) have the opportunity to study alongside Canadian students. Students are integrated into regular classrooms and study a variety of subjects:

  • Language Arts,
  • Social Studies,
  • Science,
  • Mathematics,
  • Technology,
  • Fine Arts (Music, Art, Drama) and
  • Physical Education.


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As well students participate in a number of extracurricular activities.

Specialized Support for International Students

International students receive additional intensive English language training when necessary and are provided with a specialized support program. This includes:

  • An intensive welcome orientation with free excursions to top tourist destinations;
  • International student parent meetings, with translators if required;
  • Medical insurance;
  • A pool of multilingual staff to provide assistance to students and parents;
  • Discounted English As A Second Language courses for parents;
  • Excursions throughout the school year for international students.

Burnaby elementary schools range in size from 100 to over 1,000 students. Each school is well-equipped with the latest technologies and have computer labs, library, music room, gymnasium and outdoor playing areas.

Average Class Size

Class size does not exceed 30; average class size is 23 to 26 students.

Teacher Certification

All of our teachers are certified by the BC Ministry of Education and many have won local and national awards for teaching excellence.

School Level Support for International Students

Schools provide a variety of support services for students:

  • School counsellor;
  • School nurse;
  • Youth worker to ease integration;
  • School meal program (in select schools);
  • Before and After-School child care (in select schools).

Additional Academy & Activity Opportunities

In addition to the student’s regular academic program, students may participate in:

  • Advanced Learning Program;
  • French Immersion Program (in select schools);
  • Learning Through The Arts Program (in select schools);
  • Extracurricular activities (leadership, sports, music, etc.).

Study Starts Dates: September or January

International students may start their studies at an elementary school in September or late January.

Living Arrangements for Elementary Students

International education students in Kindergarten to Grade 5 must live with a parent while in Burnaby. Students in Grades 6 & 7 may live with a blood relative e.g. aunt, uncle, grandparent.


View a full Burnaby School District Directory including our 8 Secondary Schools and 41 Elementary Schools!

Why study in Burnaby?

With superior academic programs and modern facilities, all located within a city of vibrant green spaces, modern shopping malls, safe residential neighbourhoods, and state of the art public transit, choosing an education in Burnaby is the right choice.


Burnaby School District has one of the largest Advanced Placement (AP) programs in Canada.


Burnaby is located in the centre of Metro Vancouver. Its world-class SkyTrain public transit provides access to downtown Vancouver in just 30 minutes.


Burnaby schools feature modern facilities and state of the art technology.

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