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International Student Program

Students Participating in Non-Burnaby School District

Activities and Events

Outside of the Metropolitan Vancouver Region


Students enrolled in the International Student Program of the Burnaby School District are often invited to participate in activities, events and trips that are NOT organized or supervised by the Burnaby School District.  Please read the following information with regards to the risks and responsibilities involved.  Parents are welcome to contact the International Education Department at INTERNATIONAL@BURNABYSCHOOLS.CA to verify whether the event has been organized by the Burnaby School District.


Parents are to understand that students participating in activities and events that are NOT organized by the Burnaby School District International Student Program:

  • will not be supervised by any staff from the Burnaby International Education Department nor will they be available if an incident were to occur, and
  • parents will be responsible for all travel and incidental costs and expenses.


It is the Parent’s responsibility to ensure that the student holds appropriate medical insurance, in particular, for any travel outside of the Province of British Columbia and that students either hold private medical insurance (Guard.me) or public insurance through the Medical Service Plan (MSP) of British Columbia.


Please contact the International Education Office at INTERNATIONAL@BURNABYSCHOOLS.CA to verify which type of insurance the child holds or requires.



  • While Guard.me medical insurance is valid outside of the Province of British Columbia, Medical Services Plan (MSP) of BC insurance is not.
  • MSP does not provide accidental death and dismemberment insurance.
  • Medical insurance is subject to certain exclusions, such as pre-existing conditions, extreme sports and incidents involving drug or alcohol use.


The Burnaby School District International Education Department strongly advises that all students travelling outside the Metropolitan Vancouver Region be supervised by a responsible adult vetted by the parent.


  • Accidents can be the result of the nature of the activity and can occur with or without any fault. By allowing their child to participate in a non-Burnaby School District trip or activity, Parents are accepting the risk of an accident occurring and agree that such trips and activities are suitable for their child.
  • It is the parent responsibility to research the details of any such trips/activities and understand the risks that may be involved.  Some risks include but are not limited to, transport, supervision, activities, accommodation, whether the trip/tour is limited to minors, whether the activities included are appropriate for minors.

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