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5 Tips To Study Better

Studying is part of being a student. It allows us to understand our subjects better, perform to our full potential in exams and can be very useful later in life. While the benefits of studying are plain to see, it can be tricky for some of us to study. Noisy environments, missing notes and a lack of organization can mean that we spend a long time studying without information being retained. In this article, we’ll look at five ways that you can study better.

Be Organized

The old saying is true, ‘Fail to prepare, prepare to fail’. Having a plan in place for studying will go a long way to making your studying efficient and stress-free. Set aside blocks of time during the week or on the weekend to go over your notes. By having study blocks you can get yourself into a routine that’s easily completed, rather than a neverending study period.

Make sure that you have all the equipment that you need for your studies. Ample notepads, pens, post-its, flashcards, keep whatever you need to help you study nearby. Once you’re in the motion of studying it’s important to not break that focus. A small bit of preparation and organization can go a long way.

5 Tips to Study Better


The best study areas are distraction-free areas. With the majority of school-goers now having a cell phone or tablet, it can be very easy to be distracted. Help your study sessions be more productive by leaving your devices in a different room. Or why not go on a social media detox during the exam period? Not only will your studying improve but your overall happiness will too!

Studying in a quiet room is also very beneficial. It’s easy to be distracted by conversations happening around you and TVs in the background. Find yourself a quiet spot in your home or library and allow yourself to be immersed in your studies. If you can’t find a quiet spot, one clever trick is to listen to white noise through a pair of headphones. This ambient noise can drown out background noise and can also help improve focus.

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Good notes are essential for good studying. They’re absolutely essential for anybody looking to improve their grades or gain a deeper understanding of a topic. It’s important that you keep notes for all of your subjects, not just your favourite ones! If you’re struggling with a certain aspect of your subject, it’s still a great idea to keep notes. You can come back to them when you’ve learnt more and you’ll be grateful for the notes then. If you can’t get a grasp on something, please speak with your teacher. They’ll be delighted to help you!

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Reward Yourself

Studying is not a punishment. It’s there to help you be the best you can be. So why don’t you reward yourself when you finish your study session? If you’re studying during the semester you can have small regular rewards like calling your friends or family when you finish studying for the evening. If you have a big exam coming up you can reward yourself after with a bigger treat, like going to the movies or by planning a day of fun activities. By having a reward at the end, you’ll encourage yourself to study more.

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Take Breaks

When you’re studying it’s important to take breaks! I know that it may sound counterproductive, but breaks can help you study better. Get up and stretch your legs every hour. If you study with a laptop, make sure you give your eyes a chance to rest too. A quick stroll outside to get some fresh air will leave you feeling reinvigorated for another round of study.

Exercise is also really useful when studying. Studying can have us sitting down for hours at a time which can leave us with lots of built-up energy. Release some of this by going for a jog, or better yet join up with your local team and socialize while your exercise. This can have a great effect on your studies.

Studying doesn’t have to be something that we dread. With a few little tips and tricks studying can be efficient, rewarding and easily done. Give these tips a try next time you’re studying and see if they help you too!

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